SPIEG’lein welds best

SPIEG’lein welds best

It will be as smooth as glass when the permanent way welders of SPIEGEL Schweißtechnik GmbH come to repair your railways. No matter if it is at night or during the day, the SPIEGEL Schweißtechnik GmbH relies on more than 25 years of professional experience in permanent way welding as well as business administration:

Carsten Gellner, Technical Managing Director:

Carsten Gellner spent his childhood and youth in Potsdam. In the Karl Marx Works training centre he became an expert in welding. Shortly after his apprenticeship he specialized in the work of permanent way welding.

In the permanent way welding sector Carsten Gellner is well known. Not only does Carsten Gellner have 25 years experience in manual clean execution of permanent way welding he has also managed construction projects of public transportation companies for over 10 years.

Max Freiherr von Spies, Commercial Managing Director:

Max von Spies has his roots in the ancient nobility of Rhineland called „Spies von Büllesheim“ and is first mentioned in year 1319. The descendants of the family which always have been close to the citizens are engaged with agriculture and forestry, with sustainable value added chains and bio-energy, with law, politics, civil service and voluntary common welfare.

In view of globalisation, Max von Spies has had the chance to work and study internationally, working in Austria, Canada, UK and Germany. He read Business and European Law at Buckingham University (UK). It is a need of von Spies to connect sustainability and economic feasibility with his versatile competences not only nationally but also internationally.

Team and equipment

Our team consists of highly experienced, well educated and approved permanent way welders who have proved their competence.

Our machinery is a custom production which we have personally developed according to our special needs. All devices have been tested and approved in accordance with German „UVV“ guide lines. Our modern equipment will be further developed in order to be able to meet the requirements of our customers. The efficiency, sustainability and noise reduction of our devices is essential to us.

Partnership with trust

Our customers do not only expect professional competence but also that we understand their needs as well. We provide an uncomplicated long-term economic partnership where all requirements can be met. Such a time-saving partnership can only grow with a certain level of flexibility and trust. When deadlines are tight, a reliable, punctual and conscientious execution is imperative.

With sincere and open communications between customer and supplier, a future trustfull partnership can be guaranteed.


Beautiful Rails are well welded

Besides local public transportation companies, potential customers include port operators and large scale manufacturing companies.

Thus, we do not only maintain tram rails, but also weld and grind crane rails and industrial railways as well.


Being a specialist in repair and maintenance of rails by means of permanent way welding works we offer:

  • submerged welding
  • E-manual welding
  • MF-welding
  • grinding works
  • separation works

for the re-profiling and deburrings of

  • rails / tracks
  • curved tracks
  • rail crossing systems
  • grooved grounds / rails
  • switches

In order to avoid complaints in the neighbourhood we always work as quietly as possible. We guarantee our work to be silent, clean and efficient – this is our definition of „beautiful“.


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