The world changed a lot since the invention of the wheel flange in the 1730s. Considering that even 100 years ago, mobility for most of the european population meant to go by foot, to use a bicycle or to ride on a horse, it is even more impressive that the enormous advancement of mobility of today took place in less than 4 generations.

Despite two big wars and several economic crisis, the people of today have managed to combine economy and ecology in an efficient way by means of science and reason.

The e-mobility and emission-free generation of energy will be one of the future's central themes, considering that some of the main objectives of governments throughout the world concerns environmental protection.

The goal, even outside of Europe the importance of environmental protection is increased. In this connection, the P.R of China has introduced a fix rate for e-cars in the year 2018. Already today most of the e-cars will be sold to China. A remarkably, substantial proportion of the motor-scooters and motor-bikes have already been retrofitted to electric drive.

In planning of traffic infrastructure, there has been no country since the post war period which has invested as much in rail road building as China. In 36 metropolises the economic authority has instructed them to build LRT systems with a length of 5.000 kilometres within a period of less than 10 years.

It's the thought that counts

There is still a long way until an emission-free and 100% long tern environmentally viable generation of energy and e-mobility. But the last 25 years have shown that behind the terms such as „enlightenment“ and „modern age“ there are still virtues that are worthwile.

We, the SPIEGEL Schweißtechnik GmbH can also offer a small part to that big process with our core competence, by bringing out the best possible welding work: the glossy shine of SPIEGEL Schweißtechnik GmbH.


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